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+7-495-542-04-70 6am-4pm GMT Mon-Sat
email: sn(at)
Skype us @ mosinterpret2
1/17 Trofimova ul., Moscow, 115432, Russia
(call before visit)

Website and web page translation (localization) to Russian

For instant translation of a web page use Google's free online language translation service, it helps understand the general meaning of your text. For quality translation of your website to Russian email us at sn(at) your website URL (web address like and we'll give you a free quote.

You can add a Russian flag to your home page which will direct your site visitors to the Russian pages on your server translated by this agency. This is a good attempt to globalize your company but we are offering a comprehensive solution i.e. your own corporate Russian language website on a web server in Russia.

Send us the list of URLs you want us to translate and we'll translate them to Russian at EUR 0.059 per source word of non technical text. For a technical or technical related source texts of average quality the rate is EUR 0.079 per source word. Not much at all.

For additional EUR 1,499.00 we'll create and launch your Russian site on the Russian net. To do this we shall:
  • analyze the content of all web pages of your site;
  • based on the actual content of your Russian pages write meta tags in Russian for every web page in Russian converting every page into a mini site;
  • prepare a site map;
  • set up a junk mail box on a free Russian server and use it to receive registration demand letters from hundreds of catalogues and directories where your site will be submitted. Registrations will have to be confirmed from this mailbox. You'll have its login and password to monitor;
  • have and its derivatives like registered in Moscow to your company;
  • select a Web Hosting Master in Russia for your site, send you its login and password, you'll change them after we upload your site and launch it;
  • receive your template HTML code, images and banners;
  • send them to our webmaster who will upload your Russian webpages with Russian meta tags to your web server in Russia;
  • set up Our Link Exchange Partners webpage for exchange links and banners;
  • manually submit your site to the major Russian portals and our webmaster will install the HTML codes of the meters to monitor traffic to your website. You'll have your site on the net but it will receive no traffic as nobody knows it's there;
  • have your website registered with the top Russian submission service which has over 8,000 Russian catalogues and directories in its submission list;
  • manually confirm registration of your site in the Russian directories;
  • submit your key pages to Russian free ad boards regularly for 3 months;
  • install Russian language link directory. It will be submitted for automatic exchange of links.
When your site is up and running we'll have it registered in Google AdWords, and for paid advertising. We'll send you the login and password and you'll be able to monitor your ad campaigns. Our minimum charge is EUR 199.00 without the actual pay for advertising. The final figure depends on the number of keywords we'll use and number of campaigns launched. We set up a separate campaign for every major keyword combination to cover all possible queries on the net. This rate is TBD.

Additionally we can place your text links, banners and your marketing pages (you provide HTML and meta tags) on our website network of 16 sites (translation, interpreting, legal, tea, technical, oil and gas, travel destinations), list of URL with PR sent on request. Links can be located in the left and right margins and in the footer. Max length of links is 22 strokes, banners size to be discussed, quantity of banners per page depends on the size and number of the banners. We accept links and banners irrelevant to our site industry, any language. No adult, gambling, tobacco, arms, politically or religiously extreme links/banners please. The number of your marketing pages depends on the number of our own pages on each site. Minimal length of placement is 3 months. Payment to PayPal and

And of course we expect that in addition to web pages you'll send us for Russian translation your contracts, executive summaries, presentations, annual reports, operating instructions, hse manuals, and other docs.

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