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Translation Services from/to Russian in Moscow, Russia

Of all the companies offering interpretation and translation services in Russia we at Moscow Interpreter strive to be the best.

Moscow Interpreter chooses its interpreters, translators and editors for their reliability and high academic standard. Your enterprise can benefit from our expertise and scrupulous attention to detail and join the expansive list of customers whose expectations have been exceeded.

The range of translation services provided by Moscow Interpreter in Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other languages, includes:

Simultaneous Translation (Interpretation): Simultaneous Interpretation is a method of rendering the speaker's words as they are spoken. It involves a team of highly qualified simultaneous interpreters using specialized telephonic equipment, so that the audience may hear their interpretation in their headsets. Such interpretation is arranged primarily for international conferences, business meetings, presentations, guided tours, etc.

Conference Equipment Rental: Give us 1-2 weeks minimum to allocate the equipment for your event. Also you must specify the format of the event so we understand the number of languages, the number of booths and interpreters, full-size walk-in booths or tabletop booths, the number of the headsets for the audience (add 10% to the number you have in mind) and the number of the microphones for presenters and the audience, floor microphones or table microphones.

Consecutive Interpreting: Consecutive interpreting presupposes that interpretation is made each time the speaker has completed a sentence or a phrase. This form of interpreting is used in conferences, negotiations, hearings, as well as in informal settings. Consecutive interpretation is rendered as short or long.

Written Translation: Written non technical translations are done by certified translators with over 10 years after university graduation. For technical and specialized translation we use engineers, lawyers, accountants, etc with translation experience and expertise, they know your business because they were trained for this business. And they were trained in linguistics too.

Certified Translation: At Moscow Interpreter we have your documents translated to/from Russian and certified so you can present them to authorities in Russia and any country in the world. Depending on the country of origin and destination the translated documents are legalized, notarized or apostilled in Moscow, Russia. The documents can be also certified with the agency seal.

Web Page Translation: For instant translation of a web page use Google's free online language translation service, it helps understand the general meaning of your text. For quality translation of your website to Russian email us at sn(at) your website URL (web address like and well give you a free quote.

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