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Conference Equipment Rental in Moscow, Russia

When ordering simultaneous interpretation services with Moscow Interpreter agency let us know if the premise where the translation will take place is pre-equipped with professional conference equipment or there is no equipment and you need it from us.

Give us a long notice, 1-2 weeks minimum, to allocate the equipment for your event. Also you must specify the format of the event so we understand the number of languages, the number of booths and interpreters, full-size walk-in booths or tabletop booths, the number of the headsets for the audience (add 10% to the number you have in mind) and the number of the microphones for presenters and the audience, floor microphones or table microphones. The technician will want to know location and the quality of the hall where the event is to be held i.e. the size, the shape, the ceiling height, windows location, the wall material to prepare the transmitters. This information will allow us to allocate the best equipment for your needs at reasonable price.

The equipment must be installed in the hall and tested on the evening preceding the event. The batteries for headsets may require quite some time to recharge. Backup transmitters will be brought and deployed. Therefore the rental rate is always for a full day, never for half a day even if the event is relatively short.

If the professional conference equipment is pre-installed in the premises the customer must see to it that the booths have good illumination and ventilation, clear view of presenters, and a stock of mineral water bottles. Naturally the sound in the simultaneous interpreter earphones must be loud and clear, it's pivotal to the event success, the interpreter will check the quality of the sound but it's the customer who bears full responsibility for it.

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