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Consecutive interpreting from/to Russian in Moscow, Russia

Consecutive interpreting presupposes that interpretation is made each time the speaker has completed a sentence or a phrase. This form of interpreting is used in conferences, negotiations, hearings, as well as in informal settings. Consecutive interpretation is rendered as short or long.

In short consecutive interpretation the interpreter relies on memory, each message segment being brief enough to memorize. Sentence-by-sentence interpreting requires less memorization and therefore lower likelihood for omissions, it is used in rendering speeches, depositions, recorded statements, court witness testimony, and medical and job interviews.

In long consecutive interpretation the interpreter takes notes of the message to aid rendering long passages. Consecutively-interpreted speeches tend to be short since audiences don't like to sit through 15 minutes of speech they cannot understand.

These informal divisions are established with the client before the interpretation is effected, depending upon the subject, its complexity, and the purpose of the interpretation.

The standard rate for consecutive interpreting by one interpreter is EUR 196 for up to 4 hours inside Moscow, EUR 49 for every hour over 4 hours. High level consecutive interpreting for heads of state is EUR 400 to EUR 800 a day depending on the actual time spent. Interpreting at an exhibition stand is EUR 30-35 provided the interpreter is not required to interpret highly technical information. Variations in price are possible.

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