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Simultaneous Interpretation from/to Russian in Moscow, Russia

Simultaneous Interpretation is a method of rendering the speaker's words as they are spoken. It involves a team of highly qualified simultaneous interpreters using specialized telephonic equipment, so that the audience may hear their interpretation in their headsets. Such interpretation is arranged primarily for international conferences, business meetings, presentations, guided tours, etc. An alternative method is consecutive translation whereby the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to offer his interpretation. Although cheaper, this method is time consuming and impractical if multiple languages are required.
We interpret simultaneously between Russian and English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or other languages. Our simultaneous interpreters have provided communication for hundreds of top politicians and top business people at organizations such as the UN, EC, NATO Council, EBRD, World Bank, Fortune 500 and more.
Moscow Interpreter can also provide simultaneous interpretation for smaller meetings - we don't have to use any special equipment there. If the number of foreign guests at a forum is one or two we can attach а simultaneous interpreter to them who will whisper in their ear. No specialized equipment is needed in this case.
  • EUR 150-200 per hour for two interpreters. Depending on the subject and duration of the conference, interpretation can be made by one (if the event duration is up to 60 minutes) or two interpreters.
  • flat, negotiable fees for simultaneous interpretation for business meetings involving a limited number of participants. No specialized electronic equipment is used. Saves time and money.

Our primary service area is Moscow, Russia, but we can fly our interpreters to anywhere in Russia or any other country.

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